Sunday, February 19, 2012

It is incredibly interesting working on putting a show....Have to make sure all the details are in place from the booking of the comedians to the hotel reservations to the plane reservations and do that on a shoe string budget...And you wonder why people pull their hair out doing events.....But in the end, I am confident that the show will be great and folks will be enjoying the humor of B Phlat, Impressionist Sylvia Traymoor Morrison and local comedians Will Little and Tru in this show that is being produced by myself and Yvette Holder. Last night, the Hayti was rocking with erotic poetry and my friend Elliot Axiom knocked off the four champion Potts....Looks like a new era has arrived...The other competitors were also very talented and you know why that slam has to be at the Midnight hour when they get that raunchy and wild. To add to the wildness, earlier that day the Hayti had a Gospel Explosion....Talk about a contrast in shows.....SMILE.....but even some of those bible thumping folks if they thought they could have gotten away with it probably would have been at the other show. On Friday, I had the pleasure of checking out a comedian at the Dangling Loafer. Have to check out another one of those shows at some time, as the comedian I heard was funny and the other ones I met were real cool...Went by Charlie Goodnights and they had a packed crowd. Just now finding out the comedian was Ralphie May and when I looked on the club's page they have added another show for this comedian... Thursday, I did a double shift at WCOM...Rocked the blues show as always, and of course it's fun when I get to sit in for Dave Bellins and Carrboro Live.....This show highlights great local musicians, and its real fun when I can mix Red Collar, Mel Melton, and other outstanding but varying local styles. And now it's a rainy day here in the Bull City.....Let's see what the next week brings....

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