Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Exciting Evening and news of a possible rebirth of the Know

For those of you that may be lamenting the demise of the Know Bookstore and missing your Friday night jazz scene, I recently talked to Bruce Bridges and learned that he is looking at several places to come back at...They range from the Old Eagles Inn (which apparently has a Flood plan issue) to a space in Heritage Square near the Family Dollar and near a cornerstone Church which may be used for the jazz on Friday nights...Originally I thought he was going to the Clements Dentistry building where some of his items are currently being stored, but apparently that space is limited in size and parking....There are some other options as well...They range from the old 1013 Building to the Old Duke Power building near Duke's East Campus to the Sturdivant Building where the nighclub Johnny Dollar was back in the day.....Hopefully this or one of the other options he mentioned will come to fruition....
I am also curious to see what will happen with the Old Movie Theatre at Avondale Road that has been abandoned for awhile and would make for a great music venue, classic movie house, or Dinner Theatre in my opinion...and I know some folks are looking at turning the Old Whitted School (Operation Breakthrough) Building into some kind of center, possibly even modeled in a similar vein to the Holton Center....Let's hope that these places and some of our other empty buildings, such as the Edge in Downtown can be put to good use and continue to help in the revitalization of Durham.
But, as we wait, to see what's happening on those fronts there is still plenty to do in existing businesses...Just last night, I stopped by the Carolina Theatre for a retirement for outgoing director Connie Companero who coined the term 15-501 for me because it seemed that every event she went to I was in the midst of it just like at some point according to her you always run into 15-501 and from there I went and heard some great classical jazz as performed by Freeman Ledbetter's group with his primary vocalist who is also his daughter, Adia, delivering some great tunes and the band being in great form in front of a nice crowd over at Beyu and then from there me and my buddy Ray Paschall headed over to Whiskey where Brian Horton and his cadre of performers were really rocking the house with their upbeat jazz......Just another night of great entertainment in the downtown Durham area......

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