Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You know the Cultural minister of Durham also likes to keep up with news of the world and the world of culture, and I was shocked to learn of some of the developments from one of my Bartender friends.
Apparently Superman is imprisoned elsewhere in this Galaxy, and Batman is DEAD!....But don't worry, Robin is know Batman and Batman's son who had an affair with a Villain is now the new Robin.........Oh to make it worse, he wasn't taken out by one of his Archvillains, like the Joker, Two Face, Penguin, or even the Riddler but by some Alien villian who since I have lost track of the modern world of Comics I have no idea who they are......
If this isn't confusing enough, Archie of the popular Soap Opera like Comic is know about to get married, and is an ADULT!!!!
I'm sure the Artwork is wonderful, but I like the old fashioned comics....Tell me what you think of the new Comic strips..
By the way, is it just me, or are you rooting for Lance to win another title as well..Might be because he's the old man of Cycling in his 40's (Not that far from me) and I just recently got a Bike and am trying to get into my own cycling...Don't worrhy I don't think you have to worry about seeing me in any races anytime soon...or in the long distance rides and competitions like Lance does.........Though I have to say I am loving the soap opera between him and his teammate in this individual sport that has a team element...Sometimes that in and of itself is confusing......
Okay enough news outside of the area, but you will be glad to know that West End Wine Bar already seems to be getting some business coming over from the new Train station, an yours truly has been having some very productive conversation with some of my filmmaking pals as we look for investors for their projects and in this case of a Atlanta fashion friend try to find them designers and potential models for a show coming up at the end of the Month...If you need help in your endeavors, contact me at or by telephone at 919-956-5931.
Until later, I'm out.....

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